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Resume design

The skills section on your resume shows prospective employers that you have the qualifications needed to succeed in the role. Employers typically place special emphasis on the skills area when determining which candidates should move on to the next stage of the hiring process.


Candidates that have the optimal balance of hard and soft talents are preferred by employers.

Hard skills are aptitudes that are specific to a profession or industry. You can learn these specialized skills through formal schooling, training materials, certification courses, or practical work experience. Hard skills could include proficiency in things like:


Foreign languages

Operating certain equipment or machinery

Soft talents, on the other hand, are abilities that may be applied to any job. Soft skills, also referred to as "people skills" or "social skills," are the ability to:


Customer service


Time management


Hard skills are frequently teachable, in contrast to soft skills, which are largely personality traits that are much more difficult to learn and are consequently highly desired by employers. Usually, your soft talents can enhance your hard skills. For instance, if you're a detail-oriented software engineer skilled in a computer programming language, you'll probably be able to notice errors and address issues in the code you and your team produce.

In order to come across as well-rounded individuals, job applicants must emphasize both their strongest hard and soft skills. To position yourself better in your next interview, it's also essential to think about how the two types of skills relate to one another and the job.


If you’re not sure which skills you want to share, consider your previous experiences.

  • CONSIDER YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS- Have you ever received kudos for surpassing expectations or succeeding in a certain field? If so, your skills unquestionably assisted you in achieving this success. Consider the abilities or traits you possess that enabled you to accomplish that goal.
  • CONSULT YOUR COLLEAGUES & FRIENDS- Sometimes other people can identify strengths that you might not be aware of. Consult a former boss or colleagues with whom you had a good working relationship. Make contact with past students, well-known teachers, or someone you see as a mentor if you are new to the workforce.
  • CONSULT WITH THE CONCERNED FIELD PROFESSIONALS- If you're having problems identifying the skills an employer could be searching for, consider speaking with a specialist who is already employed in the field or in a position that's similar to the one you're seeking for. Discover which skills they believe to be most important, then decide which of those match your own.

When making a list of your abilities for your resume, only include the skills you are positive will highlight your capabilities. If there is something you are still learning about, do not feel compelled to mention it just because it is mentioned in the job ad. You might explain how you're attempting to develop or acquire that skill if the company brings up a talent that you didn't mention during the interview.


Do background research on the company

Review the job description

Even if you believe you have a number of strengths, only list the ones that are pertinent to the job. Your talents section must be brief and to the point because hiring managers typically only have a short amount of time to review resumes.

Read the job description first, then circle any requisite competencies or talents that match your own. Along with the hiring requirements, consider the description and culture of the company.


SKILLS ON A FUNCTIONAL RESUME- For those who are changing careers or have little to no professional experience, this option is ideal. If you're changing careers or industries and don't have much work experience, you may want to emphasize those talents at the top of your resume. This type of resume is known as a functional resume.

On your functional resume, include skill sections that showcase your accomplishments and pertinent talents for the position you're applying for. After the section on skills, you should provide any pertinent professional experience.

SEPARATE SECTION FOR SKILLS- For those who have a lot of experience but want to highlight their special skills or attributes, this is a fantastic alternative. If you want to support your professional experience with abilities that the business requires or deems pertinent, you may choose to include a distinct skills section that emphasizes keywords from the job description. If you have a lot of professional experience, your career history part should be highlighted as the first thing recruiters look at. You might list additional skills in a different section at the bottom of your resume.

INCLUDE YOUR SKILLS INTO PROFESSIONAL SKILLS SECTION- Use the job description's keywords when summarizing prior experience, no matter what approach you take. While many job seekers may draw attention to their skills in a specific section of their resume, it's as important to include them in the summaries of each of your previous positions. Here is where you may strengthen your talents section by providing more background and specific examples.

Some of the examples that are necessarily to be included for writing a good resume profile are,

Active listening skills

Customer service skills

Communication skills

Computer skills

Transferable skills, etc. You can reach us at Support@resumewriterindia.com or give us a call at 09941266601for further queries.


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