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Resume design

Your chances of landing a job at a new firm may improve if your resume is compelling. A hiring manager might take notice of your resume if you include a well-written personal profile at the top. A clear and concise personal profile is a crucial component that could aid in landing you a job interview.


Hiring managers can learn about the most crucial facets of your career and academic background from your personal biography on your CV. You might leave this brief summary the same, in contrast to other sections of your resume that you can change for a particular position. Even while it may appear to be straightforward, there is some thought involved.

You can consider the reasons a recruiting manager would pick you for an interview. You might discover that doing some introspection might assist you in providing a wide range of details that amply demonstrate why you would be the finest choice.

One of the first things a hiring manager may see on your resume is your personal profile. Make sure it is concise and includes information about your education, skills, and a synopsis of your relevant experience. This is a fantastic technique to grab a recruiter's attention and make it clear why you would be the chosen candidate over the competition.

You might choose to include your career objectives in this section as an entry-level candidate. If you are an experienced professional, you might highlight your professional experiences and noteworthy accomplishments.


  • SUMMARIZE YOUR CAREER STAGE- Use this section to describe your career status. For recent grads, you may say that you just finished your education as well as your field of study. Candidates at the entry level may discuss their brief experiences, such as trainee or intern roles. Candidates with more experience may summarize their prior positions and titles.
  • HIGHLIGHT YOUR RELEVANT SKLILLS- The hiring manager may be given an indication of your best qualities in this section if they are relevant to position you are looking for. Using terms with impact, such as well organized, detail-oriented, or self-motivated, is a fantastic approach to emphasize this.
  • INCLUDE YOUR ACADEMICS & WORK EXPERIENCE- There might be requirements for the position for which you applied. You might mention your degree, your professional training and certificates, and your prior work experience to show that you are an appropriate applicant.
  • EXPLAIN YOUR CAREER GOALS- Your career ambitions should be mentioned in your personal profile. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to recognize how committed you are to your job duties. Additionally, it demonstrates how you may support the objectives of the business.


  • SHORT & PRECISE- A personal profile gives the potential employer you are applying to a brief overview of your professional background. Therefore, three to five phrases are typically used in personal profiles that are successful. It is preferable if you can sum up some highlights in one phrase as opposed to two, as this leaves more room on your resume for other crucial details. The personal profile may convey your message more effectively the shorter it is.
  • CUSTOMIZE AS PER REQUIREMENT- Although the majority of the personal profile is consistent throughout applications, you might want to modify it to fit the role. Only if the changes make you a stronger candidate could you do this. Examining the keywords in the job description you're applying for and then modifying your words to match them are two ways to customize your personal profile. This can make it simpler to get the hiring manager's attention.
  • USE A PROFESSIONAL FORMAT- While it's critical to make a personal impression on the hiring manager, it's also crucial to make sure that your profile seems professional. For a professional appearance, you can select corporate fonts like Times New Roman, Proxima Nova, or Helvetica. You can also choose a different typeface in addition to the main one. To make statements stand out and bring emphasis to certain portions, you can even italicize or bold them.  Using different colour combinations to highlight key portions is another method to seem professional and make an impression. Utilize business-related hues like black, navy blue, dark grey, or blue green. It is advised to limit your use of colour on your resume to two.
  • AVOID CORPORATE JARGON- Avoid using acronyms or even industry jargon whenever possible. The hiring manager can become confused if your intended message differs from what the acronym's standard definition indicates. Since you are unsure of the person who is initially reviewing your resume, using technical language could also be pointless. You might pass up a chance if they lack expertise. You might boost your chances of receiving an interview by being clear and interesting.
  • ADD IMPORTANT NUMBERS- You might try to avoid using generic terms because your personal profile section is brief compared to other applicants' resumes. You can choose carefully whatever information to provide in order to present yourself as a strong prospect. You can include accomplishments, like winning a certain award, or hard data, like boosting sales by a certain percentage, which might help you land an interview.
  • PROOFREAD- Make sure to carefully read over your profile to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors, and that it is simple to understand. Rewrite sentences as required, but try to limit the contractions you use. To make sure your CV and personal profile are error-free, you may even ask friends or relatives to verify them. You can reach us at Support@resumewriterindia.com or give us a call at 09941266601 for further queries.


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