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As complex and dynamic as the markets they work in, finance professionals must be. When that situation arises, financial institutions only want to work with the finest. You must therefore show that you are a worthwhile resource on the market right now.

Given how competitive the employment market is for positions in the banking industry, having a solid resume is essential. Jobs in the finance sector frequently involve working with financial data and reporting on financial results. When creating your financial resume, you may want to emphasise any relevant software you have experience with.

Be sure to mention whether you have beginner, moderate, or advanced level software knowledge. Here are 6 suggestions to increase your chances of getting an interview, whether you're applying for a position as a financial analyst or an accountant,


It can be difficult to condense your duties and responsibilities as a finance expert into a few sentences. As a result, you should customise each financial CV you send out and solely focus on the data that will be the most useful to the company.

With a strong adjective, begin the personal statement portion of your resume. Next, mention your years of experience and most recent employment.

Examine the job description for important information and relevant industries, and then elaborate on a few noteworthy achievements in those fields. A personal statement could be used as an introduction. Because it will be much easier to write once you know the rest of the pitch, postpone writing this until the very last minute.


To properly list work experience, you need skill. Instead of concentrating on the trivial and unimportant, pay attention to accomplishments that are backed up by facts. Since your career revolves around numbers, a good CV must show that you are concerned with accuracy.

Mention any figures, such as ROIs, profit margins, or percentage gains, that demonstrate your knowledge of the pertinent subjects. Observe the specifications given in the job ad carefully.

In a finance CV, you can list up to 10 bullet points for your most recent position, but you should limit older positions to no more than 3-5. About three-quarters of your bullet points should be numbers so that the employer can see your impact and have evidence to back you up.


On occasion, it makes sense to trust your instincts. But those instincts were shaped by your experience as well as schooling. Depending on the area of finance you operate in, your certifications can be more important, but your degrees must be properly documented.

Mention the name of your degree, your graduation year, and the university where you attended. You may choose to omit the degree designation once you've had a few years of professional experience. Leave out your secondary education and only provide your degrees and any relevant professional certifications.


Few words are as all-encompassing as "financial." Think about the skills that are in high demand at this particular organisation, and include a list of 5–10 core competencies that you excel in to show you are qualified for the job.

You could add a line or two to explain how you learned each skill and your accomplishments in that field, especially if you just graduated from college and don't have much experience. For jobs in accounting and bookkeeping, this is where you list every accounting programme available. For instances,

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Commercial Finance

Risk Management


No matter what branch of finance you work in, there's a high chance you have a few certificates. Along with languages and honours, these are all excellent adds to a resume.

Your interests are rarely relevant, though. Compare any information that might be relevant to the job description. If you don't have any experience, you might include a section outlining your volunteer or extracurricular activities. Your credentials, such as licences and certifications, may be listed in the extra area.


If your resume for finance is a balance sheet, the cover letter acts as the written report. It's a chance to put your successes into context and show how enthusiastic you are about the industry. It's critical to establish your fit while looking for positions because 62% of executives believe that "clearly defined fundamental values and beliefs" significantly contribute to corporate success. For a point of reference, use LinkedIn or the company's website to learn more about it.

Your cover letter should be one page of A4, with the first paragraph summarising your years of experience, most noteworthy and relevant accomplishments, and your purpose to join the company. The two or three aspects of your experience that are most relevant to the position should be covered in the body of your cover letter. The last line should draw a comparison between your experience and the goals of the company and ask for an interview.


There are certain basic elements that has to be followed while planning to produce the best resume type.

  • Use a simple CV template for easier reading
  • Create an easily skimmable and readable CV format. Keep the formatting of the resume and cover letter the same.
  • Select a professional CV font in sizes 10–12 like Didot, Noto, or Calibri.
  • Sections should be spaced apart by at least one inch on all sides.
  • Section headings ought to be clear.
  • Save your finance resume as a PDF unless specifically instructed otherwise. You can reach us at Support@resumewriterindia.com or give us a call at 09941266601 for further queries.


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