Get Shortlisted - Using Right Keywords On Your Resume

Feb 09, 2019 By Kennet Alphy.C

Professional resume design

Not including keywords in a resume is one of the most common mistakes job seekers make. If you’ve ever applied for a job and were the perfect candidate but never received a reply, it is likely to be because you didn’t include the right resume keywords and phrases. Including resume keywords is a..

How to Show Multiple Positions at One Company on Your Resume

Feb 01, 2019 By Kennet Alphy.C

Professional resume design

One of the dilemmas that you are likely to face when completing your resume, how do I describe my work experience on a resume? especially if you have one worked in one Organisation for a long time, is how to list down your jobs on your resume. The key thing to keep in mind is that you want to show ..

Experienced Professionals: Six Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Jan 30, 2019 By Kennet Alphy.C

Professional resume design

The million-dollar question is this: How can I make my resume attractive? can your resume get through automated and HR screeners so that you will get the all-important phone calls to set up an interview. When you are over 50, you eventually start worrying about these things. You definitely don’t w..

12 Week career plan: Addressing The 'Dreaded Resume'

Jan 29, 2019 By Kennet Alphy. C

Professional resume design

Your resume is a living document that, when coupled with your LinkedIn profile, can generate real eagerness. That’s the reason why I’m addressing resume now, at this stage of the 12-week Career Diet. Your resume alone is not the opening to a new job. People think it accounts for 90 percent, but..

Resume – My Self Branding Document

Jan 22, 2019 By Kennet Alphy

Professional resume design

A resume is a document which gets you an Interview with the Hiring Manager, it plays a key role in your career. The quality of your education and experience is documented in a single file which is going to market you to the Hiring Manager. In this fast pace world, things keep changing as the expecta..

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