Finishing Touches on Your Cover Letter (Part 2)

Oct 01, 2021 / By Admin

Resume design

Your resume can be unique when accompanied with a cover letter. They are like a letter personally drafted by you to the hiring manager, stating How you can contribute to the organisation? How you better fit in the organisation? etc. In a series of articles we are learning the tips you can include in your cover letter to make it unique.

   Short and Sweet

Make sure that you are not writing your cover letter for more than 300- 350 words. Since there is a word limit, include only the important things like references or how you have can give your 100% in this job position? etc.

Write your cover letter for not more than a page and never ever make the cover letter a summary of your resume.

   Professional font

Sometimes people make a clever use of the space by writing more than 300 words and keeping the font to the minimum they can like 8 points! Do not make the same mistake, so our recommendation is 10 to 12 points in professional fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and Georgia.

  Break up your paragraphs  

Please refrain from presenting your cover letter in one huge chunky paragraph. This will make the reader skip the letter, even if your content is amazing. So write the body of your cover letter in not more than three paragraphs, each para not more than 100 words. This will make your letter look more aesthetically pleasing and easily readable. 

  Cut the professional jargon  

Stop using professional jargon like “team player,” “self-motivated,” or “results driven”. This only makes your resume look more generic and old-fashion. Instead use more lively language and write your heart out. This will make you sound more passionate about your work. Use examples to prove your point and this will help your cover letter be more relatable to the hiring manager.



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