Fresher Resume: The 2019 Guide for Teens

Mar 09, 2019 / By Kennet Alphy.C

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If you are a teen who desires to make it big in the industry, then you'd undoubtedly need a teenage resume to start off with.

For a matter of fact, it's 'THE FIRST STEP' that you need to get done with while formulating to get into the professional world. For the kind of a teen resume, you need to be aware with the know-how of teen resume making. Resumes for teens is no rocket science, but to have a greatly operative teen resume needs to be a job done well.

In this article, we will answer all your questions and confusions like: 'What to include, a summary section or an objective section?', 'What to name the sections, Work Experience or Internship?' and a lot more.

The teen resume examples provided for each step will give you more precision about how to write and place these sections.

In this scenario, “Resume Writer India” Resume Builder comes in on which you can make your teenage resume with ease.

But, if you still want to make it on your own, then read on this article and follow the guidelines given in it. You will also get job resume samples for more clearness.


Table of Contents

What is a Teen Resume?

Why do you need a Teenage Resume?

How to write a Teen Resume?

Resume Examples for Teens

Key Takeaways


What is a Teen Resume?

Teens from every field whether it is commerce, science or humanities need a teenage resume.

Also, hustle is real when trying to get a job no matter what your selected profile is. From chartered administrators to audiologists, to human resource counsellors, all need a teen resume when starting their career are on the hunt for their first job.


This involves:

Creating a compilation resume for teens

Master resume for teens

First draft resume for teens

A final resume for teens

Worry not, these aren't four different teenage resumes, but the procedure of making a resume for teen is broken down into four stages to make it simpler.

Your teen resume should be able to show your skills, education and volunteer work impactfully to get you your first job in-spite of the datum that you have any prior work experience or not.


You can include the following volunteering works done by you in the resumes for teens:

Volunteering work at animal rescue shelters

Art museums

National parks

Political campaigns

Food pantries

Retirement homes

Habitat for humanity

Organizations like Red Cross

Local libraries and

Community blood drives

Resume Writer India - Resume Builder comes with certified resume writers. You can make use of them.

Use Resume Writer India - Resume Builder today for an effortless teen resume making experience.


Why do you want a Teenage Resume?

Having a teen resume shows how qualified and determined you are when it comes to your profession. And we are here to help you with the know-how of creating a teen resume.

If you are a high school student then having a resume for teen will help you get your first desired internship and same goes for a college fresher.

Since most of the teenagers are new to the world of professionalism, they are either clueless about how to make a teenage resume or have very little information about the same.

If you have questions like 'What exactly is a resume for teens and how to make it the correct way?' then you've come to the right place to look for the answers.

In addition to this, the job resume examples for teens will also be of great help for you to know how to make a teen resume.


You can promptly and without any difficulty make your teenage resume at Resume Writer India - Resume Builder. It will also help you more to understand the right ordering of the sections.

How to write a Teen Resume?

To start off making a teen resume, first, compile all the information you have at a single place. This includes your:





Awards and Achievements


Extra-curricular Activities



Volunteer Work


This will help you in making your teen resume, as when you'll have all the information collected at a single place, you wouldn't need to go to other places to search for this data when making your teen resume.

Second, once you're done with gathering your information in a single document, start off with your master resume for teens.

In your master resume for teens, you will just focus on writing your internship and volunteer work section. As soon as you're done with these two sections, your master resume will be complete.

Third, now that your compilation and master resume for teens is complete, you will start off with your first draft resume for teens. In your first draft, you will complete the rest of the remaining sections, namely: Education section, Projects section, Awards and Achievements section, Certification section, Extracurricular activities section, Hobbies section, and Languages section.

Get your teen resume reviewed for free by industry professionals at Resume Writer India today.


Key Takeaways

Design Resume Template for Teens

In order to make your resumes for teens attractive in terms of design and overall finishing. You need to add a little color to it and for this means, Resume Writer India - Templates are perfect.


Font style and size

The font size for your teen resume body should be between 10-12 points as these font sizes are easily readable.


And when it comes to typefaces, use typefaces that are professional. For that matter, use sans serif typefaces like Ariel, Helvetica, and Tahoma over sans typefaces.

Remember to maintain the format of < city, country pin > throughout your resume for teen whenever you need to mention the location of something.


Make sure to include a profile title customized according to the profile you are targeting as a profile title helps the recruiter understand from which background you are coming from and for which profile you're applying for.


When writing your key skills section, do not mention the soft skills like 'hardworking', 'self-motivated', etc. as these are hard to substantiate. Include more hard and technical skills as you can substantiate them.


Also, ensure that your key skills match with your work experience and the profile you're applying for. To do that, whenever you apply for a job customize your key skills according to the job description. Include all the keywords in your teenage resume as given in the job description.


Do not forget to write a one-line company description of the company where you've volunteered or interned at. This helps the recruiter get a better idea of the organizations where you've worked I case they are not known to them.


Make sure the points you write in you should overlap each other. To ensure this doesn't happen, write them in the format provided above.


In all your volunteer work section and internship section, write the name of the company and designation on the left whereas dates and location will go to the right. You can make your resumes for teens at Resume Writer India -  Resume Builder as the formatting and alignments are pre-set on the tool.


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