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The content below discusses on the grueling issues undergone while writing a good resume profile.


It's common to hear while producing a fantastic resume that it's pretty challenging and takes conquering many challenges in order to construct a solid CV. According to a survey by Adrienne Tom, the most common difficulties encountered while creating a good resume are the inclusion of the right key words, a resume's ideal length, worrying about ATS, and the incorporation of achievements.

The purpose of this poll was to determine the typical difficulties encountered when writing a great resume. According to their level of difficulty, these obstacles were categorised as follows: include the right key phrases—30%; adding achievements—29%; obsessing about ATS—25%; and precise resume length—15%.




  • Placing keywords in relation to necessary material is the most frequent problem in doing so.
  • To create information that is pertinent to the circumstance and create a strong resume, these terms should be used, not merely mentioned.
  • Before selecting the key terms, be sure the job title is clear in your head. Then, select the terms in line with the job description and its requirements.
  • Avoid using a long list of essential skills or a list of keywords arranged in columns.




  • This is a top priority.
  • Highlighting your accomplishments, may help in making a best resume.
  • Even if your stated achievements demonstrate that you have them, employers will find it difficult to evaluate you for a position if you neglect to disclose your successes.
  • However, most people are unaware of their own achievements, therefore in these circumstances, you may ask yourself questions like, "What are some things you've regularly done in your career? Have you bolstered your business's competitive edge? Have you made any money or saved any?"




  • Learn about the features of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) first. The majority of people are unaware that ATS works much like a rating system and manages an employer's application for a job.
  • By using the information on their resumes, this aids the recruiter in finding the most qualified applicants for the position.
  • Don't include headers, footers, text boxes, or tables in your application because they obscure the rows and columns on the computer screen for recruiters.
  • Use the right keywords instead, ones that are appropriate for the job you're looking for.




  • The length of the resume plays a key role in building the best resume. The page length is significant to humans but not to the ATS.
  • Rather of being excessively brief or long, your resume should stick to the subjects in a specified way.
  • The best way to write a resume for a new graduate is just one page long, which should include all of their personal and academic information. However, for an experienced professional, the resume may be up to two pages long, which should include all of their accomplishments, research, etc.

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