How do you write a successful resume?

Jun 03, 2019 / By Shahid

Resume design

Here are important tips to follow while writing your resume.

If you are planning your career in the next leading industry. Your CV is an important factor that firstly puts your brief description un-to the hiring authority. For hiring managers to choose from a competitive market, your resume has to reflect how different are you from the others. So, it has to have a description that fits you perfectly and balances you from creating any falsified errors that don’t reflect you.

Now, Let talk about the important tips that dragged you here.

Your resume has to have a summary that gives an overview of what your educational qualification is and what industry specifics have you acquired.


How to write a personal summary on a resume? Your summary has to have a little bit of your educational information and your work experience. It should have a paragraphed revision of what you will write next. Your educational details will very much define the industry or scope of work you are applying for. How will you word your entire summary in a way that it is easy for hiring an authority to understand and not become very subtle. 

For example 

I have 11 years of experience in managing the kitchen, Preparing food with the team.

Which can be written in this manner and will not drag us from what you have to say or offer!

I have conquered over 11 years of experience in preparing exceptional cuisines. My expertise revolves around kitchen management, food hygiene, food preparation and team management

In short, a summary should be straight to the context and less wordy, bold heading and a professional font that goes with your entire content.

Your set of skills

How to write the skills section of a resume? There comes a different set of skills while writing a resume, It can be oriented according to industry specifics, technical skills and your soft skills. Let us take a look at what exactly am I trying to describe here!

Preferring to the previous statement which was related to a Demi chef de partie. We shall look at the soft skills that one Demi chef de partie would possess:

Kitchen Management | Cooking | Food Aesthetics | Portion Standardization | Supervision of Food Preparation | Maintaining Standards of Food Production | Food Hygiene | Food Cost and Quality Control | Time Management | Customer Feedback | Delivery assistance | Measuring Ingredients | Making Inventory 

These set of skills has been showcased by Demi chef de partie. The heading for this particular skill would be ‘’Operational skills” and it should bold and in a professional font that we have secured in earlier. 

Now referring to technical skills, It falls under the same named category with Bold and professional fonts. But it must reflect the technicality. E.g. If a person has achieved knowledge on C language or Python certification It would be written as: ‘’C language proficiency | Python’’ there will be a pipe separator for each acquired skills.

It is important to note such minor details, misspelling punctuations, overly used words and soft skills that get repeated in every section of the resume. Trying removing such words that don’t add up to your expectations. For E.g If you have basic knowledge in Microsoft word then it turns out to be a very common skill most of us possess. It can be re-written as Microsoft office suite or proficient in MS office suite. 

Career timeline

How do I describe my work experience on a resume? This segment catches the attention of the hiring manager because it reflects your abilities and how successfully you have achieved your targets. While writing your work experience it should follow a trail of Period – Designation – Company – Place, key responsibilities, and your achievement that you may have gathered during career progression.


30th Feb 1999 - present – System administrator | XYZ company, Kozhikode, India.


• Administer efficient work of servers and system and provide support to everyday operations.

• Analyze system for failure and assist to restore files with the help of an operating system.

Specific achievement 

‘’Received Best Employee of the year from XYZ LTD. For showcasing my skills and achieving 30% secure network.’’ 

In conclusion, your work experience should follow a constant format, and your key responsibility area should include all the targets you have achieved or your contribution to the designation. On an added note it should have less wordy sentences and straight to the point. 

Academic qualification

How to write educational qualification in resume? Starting your career will be based on the educational background and industry specifics you are aiming towards. Educational details shall be in a way that it reflects your latest degree, If you have garnered multiple degrees it would be put only to the relevant job description. Your academic details would preferably reflect the university and the degree information along with the scores you have acquired.

Certification can also be added under the segment of academics, depending upon the job you are applying for.


Academic Qualification Physics with 70% from Calicut University 2014 

Correction: 2014 | Bachelor of Science in Physics with 70% | Calicut University, Calicut.

Remember not to forget to add a location to your university or college. 



Diploma in Hardware & Networking

Command Enterprise Certification - MARCH ID: OV - MAR - CAN - 0416 – 3

Using minimalist words and Exploring several resumes.

To understand how to write your CV. It is very useful to look at the written resumes from online sites like One way to deal with which keywords to use and which to enhance it is necessary to understand resumes that are published online. Use as much as a similar word to the job description which you are applying for, It would come out as common thing in your resume and would drive the Hiring manager’s attention towards your profile.

Hiring managers would want to understand which linguistic proficiency have you gathered. Thus it is necessary to put these under a separate segment of Personal Details. 

Cross verifying word choice, punctuations and sentencings.

Remember to verify the grammar and words that used to describe your profile. A single error or discrepancy would result in a rejection. Thus always check your spellings, keyword, punctuations and Sentence Completion.


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