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How Not to Get Rejected in An Interview?

Read this before hitting the interview stage!

How to have a proper attire

What's the best suit to wear to a job interview? Your choices will vary depending on the type of job and organisation you're interviewing with.

Here's some information which will help you in knowing how to dress for an interview, as well as advice on what, and what not to wear, how to impress an employer, business vs. business casual attire.

Professional / Business Interview Attire

The first impression you make stands the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer comes up with is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That's why it's always important to dress properly for a job interview.

Usually, you want to wear professional, or business, attire. For men, this might mean a suit jacket and slacks with a formal shirt and a tie. For women, this might mean a blouse and dress pants or a statement dress. You can also include some modern style trends into your outfit.

Non-Professional / Business Casual Interview Attire

If you have a job interview in an informal work setting, you might wear a business casual suit. Business casual attires are less formal than a suit, but they are also more professional and elegant.

Of course, ensure that you know the dress code before you assume that business casual is acceptable. Always dress more professional than an average employee at the company.

  • How to be confident in an interview
  • What not to tell to your recruiter
  • How to do a background check on the company
  • How to submit your Resume
  • How to have a professional social profile

Above details are covered in the Video below:

Have a professional Resume - How to write a executive resume !

A perfect resume lands interviews, a perfect interview lands the job. Here’s how to go from A to Z seamlessly.

How do you write a winning resume? The best advice from hiring managers and those who work in job services is often to perfect your resume. It's excellent information and generally true. However, what happens when you’re doing everything correct and your resume is great – yet you’re still not working? The fact is that a resume doesn’t get you a job; a resume gets you an interview. Good resumes will get interviews.

The number of interviews and the frequency clearly depends on your market, the field you’re in, and how your skills heap up, but a good resume doesn’t get unnoticed. If you’ve sent out 1000s and had zero interviews, you definitely need to work on the resume.

While the job market right now is hard-hitting and some industries are becoming nearly dreadful to find work in, there are still elements you can control. Here are four tips for turning a great resume into a great interview.

Know your resume

What should a good resume include?  It should go without saying, but it’s so significant that you know your resume. If you’ve had somebody help you or had it professionally written, that’s not bad. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re invested in your future. However, as much as a professional writer can make you sound amazing on paper, you still need to know what your resume is selling. If you arrive on the day of the interview and you’re asked about your experience with strategic planning, because it was a keyword that seemed to belong, be sure you’re ready to deliver with proof!

Know the firm and job

People are always told to study the company before the interview and it’s absolutely true. It goes beyond understanding their web content, though. Why do you want to work there? How will you fit into the organization and how does this particular position fit what you’re promising in your resume? Be prepared to bring them back to the resume and to repeat your accomplishments, as well as to demonstrate how those will be true when you’re hired to work for them. They invited you in because your resume attracted them, so make sure that you recap them why!

Cover the breaks

How do you present your resume in an interview? With that in mind, no resume says the whole thing. You left off skills and achievements that may still be related. They likely saw something quickly in your resume, but they didn’t remember it. While you’re repeating what they liked about you as a candidate, don’t forget to give them even more. The interview should not be a list of the same info they already know. When asked for examples of results, don’t depend on the ones you included. Make sure to make yourself fully three-dimensional.

The old rules apply

Of course, all the stand-by interview tips still apply. Dress fit, be on time, have questions for them, and follow up with a thank you note!

If 500 people applied for the position, and 200 resumes made it to the hiring manager, there are still likely 20 or 30 in the running through interviews. You want to stand out, but you want to do so in a way that improves your resume, while adding new information that engages and intrigues the people you meet.

While there’s no magic spell to guarantee a job offer, bridging the gap between you on paper and you in person can bring you closer to your goal.

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