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Most if not all job seekers out there have been through this very situation after being active on the job search for some time. You keep coming across positions that you are interested in or feel that it matches your profile. You are pretty sure that you have the necessary qualifications to be the best fit for these positions and you apply with enthusiasm, but only to realize that you are not being called for any of these interviews.

The issue here has a lot to do with the resume you submit. In reality, you could be the best fit for these positions, but your resume presents you otherwise and if you think that creating an effective resume is a simple task, think again.

The dreamy image that you may have of the hiring manager relaxing on their chair, looking at a printed copy of your resume, circling relevant details that you wish they would see because you have mentioned it is nothing close to the real-world scenario. Your resume is more likely to meet the cold hearted ATS engines which has no feelings but purely works on algorithms and AI before it could even get to a human hand. The optimistic industry numbers show that only 20% of the resumes ever make it through these ATS engines.

But its not always that bad, you have all the resources available to get that killer resume made for yourself that is sure to get you through these ATS applications and get your resume to the hiring managers’ desk. So, these are some things you should know when you go about creating a perfect resume:

uses of ATS in recruitment | ATS friendly resume

Understanding The ATS

The primary aspect that comes into play for your resume being selected and getting in front of the recruiter/hiring manager is the Applicant Tracking System

So, let’s get a deeper understanding on the ATS. If you’ve been on the job search through online channels for a while, you would have come across this term more than once. The Applicant Tracking System is a software used by the recruitment team to screen the inflow of applicants.

While there are different terms used among different employers to this process, the concept predominantly remains the same. The Applicant Tracking System takes care of many aspects of the recruitment process such as collecting information from the applicants to scheduling interviews and beyond. Most of the mid-sized and large companies these days rely on these engines to ease their hiring process.

The Applicant Tracking System works is algorithms on the keyword search and you as a candidate should ensure that the keywords on your resume should understand that their resume should fulfill the demands of the ATS if they want their resume to travel any further. You must look at the ATS as a virtual gatekeeper who does not allow your resume to pass through if it isn’t pleasing enough to the ATS and because all of this happens before your resume actually reaches a human, it is important that your resume is geared to beat all of these algorithms in place.

The aspects of an effective resume at the ATS stage.

Our recent studies where we took over a lakh resumes as a sampling size to determine the aspects of an effective resume at the ATS stage, below are the observations:

  1. Keywords: At the ATS level, keywords become the most important deciding factor. The Applicant Tracking System not only screens your resume for these keywords but also compares the use and quantity of these keywords among other resumes to determine the visibility of your resume. The study showed us that only 40% of the resumes had the right kind of keywords in it and it was only half that number for which the ATS arrived at the desired visibility because of the usage of these keywords in the right manner.
  2. LinkedIn Profile: While most consider this as an optional part to the resume, some ATS engines go to the extent of screening data on the LinkedIn url mentioned before it throws up the result. Therefore, mentioning the LinkedIn url on your resume and at the same time, populating your LinkedIn profile with the right content that is in sync with your resume is bound to give you better results.
  3. Word Usage: Our study showed that resumes with over 1000 words were 45% less visible on the ATS engines and at the same time over 80% of the resumes used in this sampling exercise did not meet this word limit. So do not crowd your resume with data that could be considered unnecessary.

Keep these three parameters in mind while drafting your perfect resume and you will start seeing results gradually and you can improvise from there.

Do get in touch with us if you wish for us to draft your resume. We have over the last decade created thousands of resumes and we understand how the robot and human recruiter’s work.

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