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You can expect this question at every job interview. As easy as the question is, it could be a daunting task to come up with the perfect response because this is your elevator pitch in front of the interviewer. The more you ponder over this question, the more questions arise. What do the hiring managers look to hear from you. How do the other applicants respond to this question and how do you stand out from the crowd through your response.

After having evaluated thousands of responses against this question, its safe to say that the best response is the one which stays in the interviewer’s mind after you’ve left the interview premises and that is the key. When it comes to decision making, they remember your response and the possibility of you getting on to the preferred list is much higher when that happens.

Past, present and future is the simplest formula to respond to this question and here is how it is done:

The Past: Always start with your past. You would usually have 90 seconds for your elevator pitch or if you have a longer duration to respond, split the time into three equal segments and use the first to talk about your past, give them a glimpse of your career history which is in sync with the resume you’ve given them for the interview. Talk about how you started your career and what kept you interested in your area of expertise. Elaborate on the skills and experience you have acquired over the years in the industry. You can use this time to talk about any achievements that you have had during your past tenure. Its easy when you split this into three components:

  1. How did you get into the industry
  2. What experience did you gather over the years
  3. The awards and recognitions you’ve gained during this period

The Present: Following the brief of your past, move to the present. Use the second component of the time to present this. The focus here should be more in line with the most recent employment, the impact you have created in the last position held, and a sync between your career and passion. You can make it easy by creating responses to these four questions.

  1. Your last employer
  2. The impact you’ve created in the last role
  3. The role and your passion towards it
  4. And how do you leverage that passion

The Future: A succinct statement of the present is followed by you painting a picture of the future in the interviewer’s mind. Use the third component of the time at hand to present this. Tell them what interests you about the position you are being interviewed for, what is it about that specific role that aligns with your area of expertise and passion and show them how you are the most qualified for the role.

Also use this time wisely, show them how awesome you are. Show them how your unique qualifications and the experience you carry differentiates you from the other candidates and at the same time, show them what makes you the best fit for the role.

You can use the 4-step formula to perfect this:

  1. Why are you interested in this organization
  2. How do you sync with the role
  3. What is the differentiating factor
  4. What makes you awesome

Now that you have the responses against each of these, you would want to consolidate this to bring out that perfect elevator pitch.

Talk to us if you need a resume that is in sync with that awesome elevator pitch. After all, you would not want your resume to be any other way than the best. You can reach us at 0091 9941266601 | and we can create that perfect resume that mirrors your personality.


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