Top Career Assessment and Personality Tests to Help You Find the Right Job

Feb 12, 2019 / By Kennet Alphy.C

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From the beginning of middle school, guiding you figure out what you are going to do for the future becomes one of the goals of your teachers. Sure, you are only 14 years old. But your job is something that is hammered into your head from early on.

Then college comes around. Or, maybe you prefer to skip college. Whatever your choice would be, your career may not have changed what you thought it would be.

It’s possible to switch careers and find something that you’re truly passionate about! To help you out, there’s a host of personality and career-oriented tests you can take.


  1. Self-Directed Search

Options are excellent in life. Having options in your career to do what you want is a dream come true. Instead of the traditional questions and answers, this test asks you questions and then sorts you into certain categories.

For example, you’re sorted into three categories based on the way you respond to questions. What are the four types of personalities? You may be sorted into the artistic, realistic and social category. Each category has a selection of jobs that matches how you answered the questions.


  1. Who Am I?

This is another unique approach to personality tests. While it does focus more on your personality and less on your career, the ‘Who Am I?’ test will show you things about yourself you may not have known. It’s a fun structure that resembles DNA.

The test works in a simple fashion. You are given a series of pictures and you pick the one that most relates to you. While this may sound elementary, it’s a unique strategy that is sure to both teach you and put a smile on your face.


  1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This is the big boy. The most popular personality test, it’s used in a ton of companies across the board. Yes, this is the test where companies give you questions that determine your personality type and tell them how great of a worker you’ll be.

It can seem daunting, but this test is fairly accurate. And it doesn’t focus on superficial scenarios. The test delves deep into not only how you act, but also what motivates you to work that way. It’s a deeply layered test that you’ll probably take at some point in your life.


  1. Pymetrics

Imagine walking into a job interview. You sit down, and an HR associate walks into the room. They say you’re taking a test called the Pymetrics test.


You’re a little confused, but you’re put at ease when they tell you it’s a personality test that helps determine your work habits. Then, as you start taking the test, you are confronted with mind games that test your problem-solving skills. This could be quite surprising to you, but this is what the Pymetrics test is all about.

A series of mind games and puzzles awaits you. It’s a unique approach to personality tests and job tests that shakes up the formula of answering questions about your character.


  1. Career Strengths Test

Focusing more on your career skills, this test has a lot to offer. Instead of boring questions about work habits, this test dives deep into how strong you are in a variety of job-related areas.

What's a personality test for work? Leadership, inductive reasoning and structural visualization are all facets in which you’ll be measured. After you’ve taken the test, you’ll see which skills you excel in.

Once you get the results, a host of jobs will pop up that include all the major skills in which you’ve excelled. It’s a great test that may even surprise you with the skills you never knew you had.


  1. The Big Five Personality Test

Do you work well with others? If you’ve ever thought about this skill and want to know how well you execute it, then this personality test is for you.

The Big Five Personality Test focuses on how you work and how well you communicate with others. While it’s a tightly focused test, its results shouldn’t be scoffed at. It gives your insight into whether you should be in a job that has you communicating with others all the time or a loner that gets the job done by yourself.


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