What should I write about myself in a cv?

Nov 29, 2018 / By Priyanka

Resume design

Writing your resume can be challenging – especially if you have a long career or achieved a lot in each of your Positions. I know most people find it difficult to know what to include. How do you run through all those years of experience, all the challenges, results, and come up with a brief job description?
Some people finally end up in including everything, winding up with a resume that goes for 3,4 or even 5 pages. In most extreme cases, your resume should not be more than 2 pages and this means you do have to make hard choices.
Initially, lookout for job postings and choose the positions that are similar to your target and look for the commonalities. Yes, companies look for different things, but there are always common themes that run across all job postings. When you find those, make a note of them. The resume which you create needs to directly address them.
Next, consider the type of company you want to work for. Are you looking forward to work within large, corporate entities that are process-driven, or looking for accustomed to small, entrepreneurial environments where things are constantly changing. If you are most comfortable in start-up or rapid growth companies, then you need to select content that emphasizes your past success in similar situations and eliminate anything that doesn’t do that.
Next, I think about your unique value proposition. What makes you different from other people seeking the same position? What makes you work for the types of companies? By the time you write the resume, you will have a very clear idea of this and this means you can select content that emphasizes their unique value.
If you still have a resume that runs over two pages, you should read every sentence again and ask yourself: “is it possible that omitting this sentence will prevent me from getting an interview?” If the answer is yes, the content stays.
Finally, there is one additional problem you might run into, one that affects you … because you are writing about your own career history, you have personal associations with each part of your history and those associations can blind you to what makes the most sense.


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